Supportive Home Care Aide (SHC 103)

Course Description

This course is designed for students to learn the skills required to be a Supportive Home Care Aide through an in-person medium. The student will gain knowledge in addressing basic needs of a patient, an introduction to health and social service systems, and common health problems encountered by a Home Care Aide. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to assist their clients by helping manage personal and household tasks, to ensure a safe and clean environment for their clients in a culturally conscious way.After successful completion of this course, Students will receive a certificate of completion.

This course is offered in both in-person and hybrid formats.

Hybrid Training Delivery Option

The hybrid training model involves an online component and an in-person component. The online component involves Instructor-to-student interaction where students will engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate assignments with subsequent instructor feedback. Additionally, it will involve instruction that will be delivered via video lectures and interactive modules.

Training Outline and Requirements

  • Training Hours: 75
  • Requirements:
    • Stable, high speed wireless internet connection 
    • A personal laptop or desktop computer
    • A webcam and a headset or microphone for your computer
    • A binder/folder and notebook
  • Students must complete the course within 7 weeks. 


Employment is not guaranteed within our clinic’s programs, but if a position is open and students show alignment with the values of our mission, we present the opportunity to our students if available. We encourage students to seek continued learning within many settings and continued higher education to advance in the healthcare field.