Healthcare Education Pathways Programs 

Our Pathways programs were developed to provide an essential link between the community, healthcare and human services education system.  Our Pathways programs work with high schools, community colleges, and state and private universities.

Students come from many different backgrounds in terms of age, ethnicity, communities and experiences. They reflect the globalization of higher education and healthcare.  Students have the opportunity to work into direct clinical or field-based practice related to the profession they study to gain soft, hard and advanced level skills.

Experiential Learning and Direct Practice Fieldwork

Direct practice fieldwork at Pathways programs must be conducted by a qualified Health and Human Services organization. This level of experiential learning-based field education prepares each individual student with the technical competencies, academic knowledge, and employable skills and proficiency. This is essential in the human services, healthcare and the business of healthcare to become leaders in the workforce.

College Credit Transfers

After completing our Certifications program students can apply for Professional Board Certifications and continue to obtain college credits. The partnership would include an Interdepartmental Service Agreement to transfer pathways certification that we offer into college credit at colleges and universities. These credits can transfer into independent study and internship or credits in human services majors. Specific advanced level certification within our program can transfer into college specific majors course credit.

Professional Board Certifications & Credentials

After completing our certification, students can obtain Board Certifications & Credentials needed for healthcare positions and careers and postsecondary education. This level of experiential learning is needed with the changing landscape of healthcare delivery to develop advanced level employable skills in the human services healthcare workforce. 

Qualified Health and Human Services Organization

The qualified Health and Human Services organization has license or qualified credential as an organization to hire different types of healthcare professionals and must have the quality management system structure in place. Private practice or group practices do not meet the criteria.

Career Mentoring Advisors

During and after their training, students completing certification work on their short- term and long-term career goals, our career mentor advisors help with seeking opportunities and provide assistance in field placement and locating jobs. The program is designed to assist these individuals to enter the workforce or pathways to postsecondary education and mentoring into career field. Career mentor advisors are community based professional working in the field.

English is a Second Language

Our staff are multicultural healthcare providers that speak and understand the cultural needs of the community and students.

Our students are a blend of English as a second language and English as a first language.

We understand that individual students have different needs so we support students for whom English is a second language. We provide English-as-second-language classes to student to gain the linguistic competencies. After completing these classes, they advance to our Pathways programs to develop the proficiency to obtain direct clinical or field base practice related the profession.

Certification Programs

Students are taught direct clinical or field base practice related to the profession they want to work and study to gain soft, hard and advance level skills delivered in a hybrid format of online competencies and proficiency within a built-in experiential learning curriculum.