Recovery Coaching and Navigating Systems Certifications

Our Recovery Coaching and Navigating Systems Certifications program develops direct practice and administrative care of patients as well as soft, hard, and advanced level skills that are essential in Recovery Based Home Healthcare/Medical Home.

The healthcare industry is in high demand for training that develops addiction community health professionals to deliver services to patients in the community.

Students with lived experience are welcome and encouraged to apply.  Also encouraged to apply are students who are interested in advancing into Nursing, Social Work, Mental Health, Psychology (with a focus in Public Health, Healthcare Administration, or Healthcare Management), college credits and degrees. Our students find careers in community-based government organizations, hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, clinics working in the community.

Distance Learning Available Online 

This is a distance learning online advanced training series that is required for Professional Board Certifications and Continued Education Credits for Social Work, Mental Health, Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as Nursing Professionals who are already licensed. No direct classroom instruction and experiential direct practice-based skills are needed to receive Continued Educations Credits for already licensed professionals.

 Non-degree students and students seeking certificate are required to complete Direct Practice Fieldwork within a healthcare or human services organization that within a Public Health Community Agency, Community Clinic and Human Services Community Agency. Distance learning within our online curriculums and experiential direct practice-based skills are developed within the Qualified Health and Human Services Organization.

Training Programs

Examples of the online training modules include:

  • Pathways to Recovery
  • Navigating Legal and Healthcare Systems
  • Dialectic Behavioral Coaching

Training Outline and Requirements

  • Training start date: When you start watching the first training video
  • Training end date: When you complete the last training test
  • Student must complete all within 60 days before moving to second part
  • Second part of the training:  Classroom instruction with a Qualified Assessor /Career Mentoring Advisor within a 10 hours of  training to identify a Qualified Health and Human Services Organization to provide direct practice fieldwork.
  • Third part of training: Within 60 days of completing the modules, students can start Direct Practice Fieldwork approved by Qualified Assessor/Career Mentoring Advisors. Third part starts after 10 hours is completed in Internship field base practice,300 hours (10 to 20 hours weekly) face to face and with patients. Qualified Assessor and Qualified Health and Human Services Organization field advisors agree on hours completed.


Employment is not guaranteed within our clinic’s programs, but if position is open and students show alignment with the values of our mission, we present this opportunity to our students if available. We encourage students to seek continued learning within many settings and continued higher education to advance in the healthcare field.