Applied Behavior Analysis Registered Technician Training (RBT) Certifications

Applied Behavior Analysis Registered Behavior Technician—Completed in 6 Months

The Healthcare industry is in high demand for Licensed Applied Behavior Analysis and Registered Technician training. Students interested in advancing into Special Education, Early Learning, Social Work, Mental Health, Psychology and earning college credits and degrees may be interested.

The Registered Technician Training (RBT) certification requires direct practice with patients to complete. Students who meet minimum age and education standards, obtain 40 hours of acceptable training, successfully complete a competency assessment, and a background check. Professional Board Certification is obtained though the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Our Applied Behavior Analysis Registered Behavior Technician Certification and Qualified Assessors within the program serve as responsible certifiers.

Qualified Health and Human Services organizations are Responsible Certifiers and refer to the Qualified Assessors capacity organizational compliance officer or direct supervisor of one or more Registered Behavior Technicians.

Hybrid Training Delivery

This is advanced training series that is required for the Registered Technician Training (RBT) credential. This Certificate requires direct work with patients that are diagnosed with Autism, Substance Abuse and other disorder. Training is a hybrid of distance learning, classroom instruction and experiential direct practice-based skills.

Online Training Modules

Examples of the online training modules include:

  • Discrete Trial Teaching
  • Prompting
  • Reinforcers
  • Teaching Complex Tasks

 Training Outline and Requirements

  • This training allows students to go towards the RBT credential, all 27 training modules
  • Training start date: When you start watching the first training video
  • Training end date: When you complete the last training test
  • Student must complete all within 60 days
  • Second part of the training: Classroom instruction with a Qualified Assessor. Students meet with qualified assessor after they complete 27 modules within 60 days. Classroom instruction with a Qualified Assessor provides an additional 40 hours until completed.
  • Third part: Internship field-based practice. Starts after 10 hours is completed in second part of training. 200 hours of face-to-face practice with patients (10 to 20 hours weekly) and Qualified Assessor until completed. Qualified Assessor and Qualified Health and Human Services Organization field advisors agree on hours completed.


Employment is not guaranteed within our clinic’s programs, but if a position is open and students show alignment with the values of our mission, we present the opportunity to our students if available. We encourage students to seek continued learning within many settings and continued higher education to advance in the healthcare field.